Seven Quick Takes Friday

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Partners In Crime

Patience has been in short supply lately. (A natural byproduct of having babies in your 40s?) I’ve caught myself speaking to my kids in an irritated tone or tending to their needs in a begrudging manner.

Our children are a huge blessing, and I’m making a greater effort to be fully-present to them and remind myself how privileged I am to be their momma. So, I’ve spent more time making them smile and laugh, which is a beautifully simple thing at their ages. When they aren’t destroying things, whining, or pitching fits, they are easy to love.

Our children are oddly-spaced, if there is such a thing. Multiple miscarriages created larger gaps between the three oldest than we’d hoped or intended. And then seventeen months after our second daughter, our second son arrived. (What were with thinking, right? I remember EXACTLY what we were thinking, and it wasn’t I wonder what it’s like to parent two toddlers simultaneously? Still, you don’t use natural family planning for fifteen years and NOT know what’s likely to happen. It’s all good.)

Pope St. John Paul II said the greatest gift you can give your child is another sibling. While there are, of course, a variety of reasons why that may not be possible or advisable in particular circumstances, in general, I believe it’s true.

I pray all my children will remain close throughout their lives. That they will share a bond and a camaraderie that surpasses mere consanguinity or friendship. But these two youngest, my two peas in a pod – their relationship is something special.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all sorts of spacing, whether it be in months or years, but I will say that having two so close in age presents special challenges. My little girl serves as enabler to my little boy.

They are truly partners in crime.


Caught in the Act

Caught In the Act: Making a mess with popcorn


Defacing Property

Defacing Property: Covering the door in glittery heart stickers.


Time Off for Good Behavior?

Time Off for Good Behavior? Miss Demeanor and Fellow Nee enjoying their video privileges.


Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the Peace: “Singing” at Sam’s Club


Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct: Puzzle mayhem and destruction


Grub Time

Grub Time: Chocolate rice cakes beat prison grub any day.


Cell Mates Sleeping It Off

Cell Mates Sleeping It Off


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2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. We’ve had several sets of “almost-Irish-twins,” sibs who grew up together — and they do all share special bonds with one another! Even to this day, each of the “pairs” (The oldest are 25 and 24 – our youngest are 9 and 10) are devoted to one another — and snarl and fuss and love each other fiercely. The toddler times were a challenge, though — oh baby! Exhausting — but too much fun, too! God bless these youngest of yours. They’re totally precious! And God bless you! Nice to “meet” you through 7QT!

    • Not long before we conceived the youngest, I introduced my husband to the term “Irish twins.” Somehow he’d never heard of it. He kept joking about wanting a set. Almost got it!

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