A Little Photo Fiction

Two-hundred words based on this photo prompt at Sunday Photo Fiction:

Sunday Flash Fiction FallsKiyara sprinted down the sidewalk, shouldering past old ladies lugging shopping bags, kids dodging cracks in the pavement, and business men preoccupied by their cell phones. Oblivious to all but her escape route, she ignored the commotion in the street, where a Hummer had rear-ended a compact sedan.

Only the pastries displayed in the window of the corner bakery caught her eye. She hadn’t eaten since yesterday, and the sight of the buttery croissants and decadent cupcakes evoked pangs of hunger. She considered a detour that included crullers and scones.

Fear overrode hunger, and she increased her pace, weaving between pedestrians and darting across the crosswalk.

She descended the steps, her feet slapping the pavement in rapid fire motion. One, two, three flights. Her gaze darted left and right seeking a temporary hiding spot.

Finding none, she pressed her way through the queue to the counter beneath the vinyl side reading simply, “Tours.”

“One, please.”

She passed two bills over the counter in exchange for a blue poncho. Kiyara tugged it over her head, pulled up the hood, and lost herself in a sea of identical hooded ponchos as the mist sprayed her face.

Safe. For now.

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