A Little Photo Fiction

Two-hundred words based on this photo prompt at Sunday Photo Fiction:Skeletal Couple

Tabitha steadied the gun and took aim. A red line marked her target, wiggling as her wrist quavered. She pulled the trigger.

“There.” She foisted the gun on Stephen, then returned the flatware to its shelf. “What’s next?”

Stephen sighed and studied the papers he held. “Uh, twelve chargers?” He glanced around the housewares section, empty save for another browbeaten guy and overeager woman. “Wouldn’t that be in electronics?”

She giggled. “No, silly. It’s a decorative base for the plate.”

“Our plates need plates?”

With a roll of her eyes, she set off for the plate plates.

He wanted to marry her, not amass useless kitchen frou frou they’d have no room to store.

“Why can’t people get us whatever they want?”

She stopped, shifted her weight to one hip, and raised her brows. “Cause they’d give us stuff we don’t like?”

While she perused the charger selections, he examined the knick-knacks on display.

“Y’know, you could pick something out.” She slid a shiny burgundy charger back into its holder and lifted a pearlescent one, tilting it in the light.

His lips curled in a grin. “You’re right.”

He held out the smiling skeletal couple for her reaction. “Cake topper in our wedding colors. For the win.”

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