Seven Quick Takes Friday

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Signs of Spring

My two pregnancies characterized by round-the-clock severe nausea coincided with spring. For several years after the second of those pregnancies, the dawn of spring itself nauseated me. Associations are tricky things. Thankfully, those seasons have past, and I can appreciate the beauty and wonder of spring again.

Being that last week’s egg hunt and baseball practice were canceled due to snow, I’d started to wonder if spring would actually show its face in 2015. It may be a little late this year, but all the signs are there.


Our hyacinths are poking their way up through last year’s leaves.


dogwood buds

The dogwood tree we planted last fall is budding. We can’t wait to see what it looks like this spring!


bunny scat

Rabbit scat. If there is poop, there are rabbits, and if there are rabbits, it’s spring.


muddy cleats

Brand-new, muddy cleats for baseball and softball.


Cinders on the Road

Gritty cinders line our curb and street. The last vestiges of winter snow. I hope. Time for the street cleaning machine to start making the rounds. Until then, my little kids are sure to get their share of skinned knees.


Bird Return

The return of birds. We caught a glimpse of a robin in the yard last week. The knot in the middle of this tree houses white-breasted nuthatches, which have just returned. Our “gutter bird,” an annual visitor who plumbs the depths of our gutters for nesting material, has yet to return.


Hershey spring billboard

This Welcome to Hershey billboard near our house changes with the season. The wintery, Christmas theme is gone, and the spring sign is in place. (Ignore that dormant tree and the horribly gray skies.)


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2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. Egg hunt cancelled due to snow? No such thing in Maine. We have several photos of egg hunts in snow suits. Serious, we can’t wait for spring!

    • I think the township hunt went on in the snow, but the mini golf course was worried about kids slipping on the artificial greens. I’ve seen a good handful of snowy Easters here. Always unpredictable.

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