Five Favorites: Trader Joe’s Products

Five Favorites

The closest Trader Joe’s is more than sixty miles from our home, so I have only visited the store a handful of times. (I’m so desperate for a local store that I started this.) BUT, for several weeks out of the year, my husband works nearby one of the Pennsylvania locations, and he stocks ups. I mean, STOCKS UP. With my limited ability to peruse the available products, these five stand out as among my favorites. By necessity, they are items that travel well.

Stocking Up at Trader Joe's

Stocking Up


Spicy Black Bean Dip

This dip is spicy without being overpowering. It’s great with tortilla chips, cheese, or fresh vegetables. And it’s low-calorie, low-fat, and just plain healthy.

Trader Joe's Spicy Black Bean Dip

Did I mention we stock up? Our supply is almost depleted.


Pumpkin Body Butter

This thick, luxurious moisturizer goes on smooth. Its light fragrance conjures the essence of autumn. It’s the perfect fall indulgence.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Body Butter

Luxurious body butter with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Pumpkin Seed Oil


Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash/Shampoo/Conditioner

I love the slightly minty, fresh scent of these herbal products. They lather well, and their scent is invigorating at the end of long, tiring day.

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle

Invigorate with peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus botanicals.


Boysenberry Preserves

We ate through our supplies of jams, jelly, and preserves, so I have none left to photograph. While we’ve enjoyed all the jellies and fruit spreads, this was the favorite among our berry fans – and even those not-so-crazy about berries. As I contemplated what to write about this product, I realized I wasn’t entirely sure what a boysenberry is. This LA Times article sheds some light on the history of the scrumptious boysenberry.


Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

These are a seasonal item, so if you hit a store around Christmastime, STOCK UP! While we try to eschew most processed food around here, these things are yummy. Here’s the scoop on these minty, chocolaty cookies from Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer.

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

One word:Yum.


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What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s product?

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19 thoughts on “Five Favorites: Trader Joe’s Products

  1. I will put in a plug for reduced-guilt guacamole and the goat cheese ravioli. I’m also a devotee of their laundry detergent. Our closest location is on the other side of the Charles River – I thought we had it bad, but 60 miles would be crushing!

  2. I had to look it up. The closest is about 4 hours away. Will be on the look out though. Would love to try the pumpkin butter. I feel a road trip for the fall coming on….

  3. Tea tree shampoo/conditioner is also used here. Love it. I was going to give you 5 items, started the list and kept on going.

    Honestly, this is my favorite store. I didn’t think it would do well here because Whole Foods is in the next shopping center. We also have a Fresh Market and a few smaller natural food stores.

    1. Gnocci in the pasta aisle. Nice for the days needing and easy to put together dinner. Kids love it with our homemade pesto.

    2. Canned Garbanzo beans. We use them in our hummus recipe, choc chip cookie recipe, plus on top of salads.

    3. Dark Chocolate chips. Dairy Free!

    4. These will not travel well, but Fruit Frenzy Popsicle Bars. So yummy! If you guys go as a family, buy a box and eat them in the parking lot.

    5. This might travel with ice packs in a cooler. Raw Cheddar Cheese. This cheese does not bother the Dairy Free family members.

    6. Treats for the kids I’ll put in one line item. Gummy Bears, Gummy Penguins, the single pack Fruit Roll-ups at the counter and Lollipops. All which are Red 40 Free. They are not sugar-free, so they are by no means healthy, but I like when they can eat a treat like their friends do.

    7. Garlic Powder.. We grow our own garlic now, but keep the powder stuff on the table next to the salt & pepper. It is used daily by our household.

    8. Tuscan Pane bread. We use this for pannini sandwiches and cut in smaller pieces for bruschetta. This is not an every week item because a few of us eat too much.

    9. Cereal bars and Granola bars. Another treat item that does not have Red 40. Yeah!

    10. New item this weekend. Broccoli Florets. Similar to Kale Chips. Bought a bag this weekend, went back today for more at the request of the kid going on a field trip tomorrow – gone – sold out. She will be sad. Bought the Inner Peas instead. They are crunchy, salty dried peas. Again, none of these are probably healthy, but are a fun snack if you like crunchy & salty.

    • Great list! I have so much to shop for! Felicity complains of headaches after certain artificial colors, so I try to avoid Red 40 for her. I was surprised to see it listed in WHITE cake frosting this weekend. I’d love to try the Broccoli Florets. That is the only green vegetable ALL our kids love – although they will eat kale chips.

  4. We’re about 2 hours from the closest one, but when I’m nearby, I usually get several six-packs of the oatmeal porter. I haven’t really gotten hooked on any food, especially since I’ve only ever even been to TJ’s a handful of times.

    • Darn Pennsylvania and its antiquated liquor laws. We can only have beer sold in groceries these last several years if there is a cafe/restaurant attached. >

      • I feel your pain. I grew up in NJ, where the only place to buy beer and wine is in a real liquor store.

        I tell you, I’d be willing to give up beer and wine at Kroger if our government got out of the liquor business, though. Monopoly!

  5. I was almost hired by Trader Joe’s corporate about 4.5 years ago for database work. 🙂

    So many things of theirs that I love but I’ll limit it to these: iced tea/lemonade, their pulled pork, spinach/kale dip, and their speculoos cheesecake.

  6. I stock up too. Favorites from last trip were mini edamame crackers, fireworks chocolate bars (had poprocks in them) and capers.

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