May I Fast For You? Send Me Your Petitions.

May I Fast For You?

Some day I’m going to write about weight and weight loss and a slew of related issues. There’s even a novel along those themes that has been percolating in the back of my brain for a while. I’ve established the main characters and formulated an idea of what makes them tick.

I’m not going to write about either of those things just yet, but I would like to bring meaning to the ever-present fasting in my life by inviting you to send me your petitions. I’m not doing a bread and water fast or any kind of wacky diet, but losing weight requires a whole lot of fasting. Fasting from certain foods and portion sizes, obviously, but also fasting from enjoyable sedentary pursuits so that I can increase my activity, fasting from self-defeating thinking, fasting from bad habits and ineffective coping mechanisms, and fasting from instant gratification.

I have a diverse list of reasons a mile long for this kind of fasting. It will naturally result in a  multitude of goods, but without uniting these sacrifices to a spiritual intention, I feel as if in some ways I’m wasting them. (And, yes, I believe that if I’m accountable to honoring your requests, it will help me keep my fasts.)

So, I would like to fast for you. I’ll select one person’s intentions each day. You can post in the comments or send me a private message via my Facebook page or the contact form on this site. You may remain anonymous. You can tell me as little as you like. In fact, you can make an anonymous request for a special intention. God will figure out the details.

I’d love to fill the next thirty days with your petitions. Lay ’em on me.

(Curious about the spirituality of fasting? Here’s more information.)

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3 thoughts on “May I Fast For You? Send Me Your Petitions.

  1. What an excellent idea! I’m going to be doing a bit of fasting during CWG but I hadn’t thought about offering it for an intention. I definitely will.
    And please–mention my name. God knows, only too well, what I need. Thank you.

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