Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday

Why small success? Because that’s the only kind I know! Even the big ones come in small steps. Here’s my paltry offering for the week:

  1. Halloween Costumes – The first costume completed was an angel for my second grader. We re-used the pretty white dress she wore this summer when she was part of her cousin’s wedding. Then we found some DIY angel wings on Pinterest that we created using cereal boxes, coffee filters, sheet music, Mod Podge, and a glue gun. I made a simple halo using gold chenille stems (apparently they’re not “pipe cleaners” anymore) and other gold “stuff” I found at the craft store. My preschoolers are going as Sheriff Callie and Spiderman in the store-bought costumes they wanted. You’d think that would mean no work for me, but after they tried on their quality apparel, I had minor sewing jobs to do on each. My seventh grader wanted to be a Star Wars tie fighter pilot until his leg landed in an immobilizer. Now we’re working on an Igor/hunchback costume.

    craft angel wings

    Not too shabby if I say so myself.

  2. Jack-o-Lanterns –  Got ’em. Carved ’em.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but whenever we’ve got writing implements, sharp knives, and messy substances combined and everyone comes out unscathed, I call it success.

    jack o'lanterns

    A couple of our spooky jack o’lanterns.

  3. Cut Back the Peonies – The peonies had browned, and it was time. Hardly seems like a chore when I get to be outside in beautiful fall weather.


    The peonies in their springtime glory.

  4. Switched Some Clothes – Seriously. I think I could  use this in every Small Successes I do. It’s my most-dreaded chore, and it never ends. Kids keep growing. Seasons keep changing. I managed to move one kid up to the appropriate size and season. Yay, me!
  5. Made a Monthly Menu – In anticipation of National Novel Writing Month, I put together a dinner menu for the month of November. When I’m on the ball, I create a weekly menu. This is my first attempt at a monthly menu. I’m hoping it will be a time saver since I’ll be attempting to write 50,000 words of a new novel while keeping up with life. I used a simple printable:

That’s all I’ve got. Celebrate more small successes over at

Have you had any small successes this week?

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3 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday

  1. The Angel wings are so cool from the back too! Nice job! Love the Igor idea; he may as well make that injury work for him. WTG on the meal plan. I should do that.

    • Thanks, Sherry! It’s been a super-hectic week. More Halloween stuff today, other stuff tomorrow. I’m praying November is smooth sailing and simple!

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