Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday

I needed the small successes this week. I look around me and see major, seemingly insurmountable tasks that take more time than I have available. It’s discouraging. These little successes remind me all hope is not lost.

  1. The financial stuff caught up. Ordinarily, I sync Quicken with our online accounts each weekday. With Christmas, I got a bit behind.  Come January, I had dozens of transactions to categorize. A flurry of Amazon and PayPal purchases took hours to sift through, matching the amount with the product so that I could properly account for where our money had gone. And then there were the bills. It took a full morning, but everything is paid up and all accounts are balanced.spend all the money meme
  2. Winter accessories organized. The weather stayed warm so long, we had no need to dig for hats and mittens that fit. Finally, the temperature dipped, and it was well past time to see who needed what. Happily, we have enough to cover every child! I emptied the bench in which we store blankets, hats, mittens, gloves, and scarves and sorted everything so that each person should easily be able to locate what is needed.

    storage bench

    Everything in its place!

  3. bundled kidThe  Junk Drawer.  We have only one small junk drawer in the house (though one could contend we have a junk house). At any rate, in rooting for tape, glue, or maybe a rubber band, someone dumped an entire container of tooth picks in the drawer. The rubber bands and twist ties were loose, and my husband had asked me to save the bread bag clips. (Something to do with a train layout. I have no idea.) It was a wreck. I cleaned, bagged, and re-organized with sorting assistance from my four-year-old.  (As an aside, in Pittsburgh, we called rubber bands “gum bands,” but when I was little I twisted it into something like “bung gans.”)
  4. Registered the kids. It’s only begun to feel like winter, but spring is not far. I registered kids for Little League baseball, softball, a scouting event, and noted the dates for library storytime registration.
  5. Conquered the calendars. As is my custom, I spent a chunk of time on New Year’s Day marking all the family birthdays and anniversaries on the wall calendar. Then all the other meetings, schedules, appointments, etc. Then making sure the iCalendar and the wall calendar were in sync.

That’s all I’ve got. Celebrate more small successes over at

Have you had any small successes this week?

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6 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday

  1. LOVE all that first-week-of-the-year organizing! Now everything is all nice and sorted and spiffy and written down! WTG!

  2. In semi-related matters, my ENTIRE DESK is one big junk drawer. And there’s overflow into other containers in at least 2 places in the house. I need a huge unit with a bajillion small drawers so I can corral and label all the stuff I’m going to Need Someday.

    • My drawer is manageable. It’s the other spots in the house that are piled with junk that are problematic. There’s nowhere to go with stuff in this house. It just needs to leave then house.

  3. ONE word — JEALOUS!! bills paid, mittens found, drawer tidied (hmmm, not sure that is how one spells that word lol) and calendar conquered. DO you have a moment to drive to Massachusetts and teach me your secrets!! 🙂 #noreallyIAMtotallyserious

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