#5Faves: Winter Weather


Having lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, I’ve gone trick-or-treating in the snow multiple times. I remember winters when the snow was piled higher than my head and winters in which the kids didn’t get to play in the snow once. But I can’t remember a winter in which we hadn’t had more than a few sparse flurries this far into winter. While I’ve enjoyed the warmer temps and lack of snow-related mess, there are aspects of snow that I miss.

**Within one hour of writing this post, it looked like this out my back door:Light snow



The house I grew up in is situated in a valley. I had two sledding hills in my yard and another gentle slope that opened into a field right across the street. One steep hill dropped off at the end, allowing sled riders to go airborne before landing in the yard. It delivered an exhilarating rush followed by severe pain to the tailbone.



I love the sense of pride my kids have after having built a snowman. Even if it does topple over as soon as the sun shines.Snowman


Blanket of White

 I love the peace and quiet that only a snowfall brings. We live on a heavily-travelled road, and a substantial snowfall is the only thing that quells the constant stream of cars and tractor trailers. The pristine beauty of snow-covered trees – well, snow-covered anything – is unmatched.Blanket of White



Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of pelting someone with snowballs – friend or enemy.



I admit it. I don’t mind shoveling. Heavy, wet snows or ice-encrusted snow notwithstanding, I find shoveling invigorating. It’s some of the best exercise I get all winter, and there’s a concrete sense of accomplishment when the task if finished.Snow shoveling



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Do you enjoy the snow? Have you seen any yet this winter?

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