Suffering From Spring Fever

Is spring fever a real thing? Can I claim it as an excuse for my scattered brain, my rapidly-multiplying to-do list, and my tardy #MondayBlog? Desperation, despite a half-dozen half-written posts, led me to search the Internet for “what to blog about today.”


A lazy or restless feeling often associated with the onset of spring. (Merriam-Webster)

I feel as if I’m being pulled in a dozen different directions as we shift seasons. The calendar is filling with baseball and softball practices, though basketball will. not. end. I skim the weeks and months ahead and see a ballet recital, volunteer commitments, 4H, scouting, Holy Week, choir, talent show, band, a First Communion, doctor appointments, and on and on.

Somewhere I’ve heard of the notion of spring cleaning. I’ll just squeeze that in around, oh, writing and marketing books.

It’s tempting to look at all of that – much of it our own doing – and complain. In reality, some of these events are simply necessary. Some enrich our lives. Some nurture our souls. It’s the best kind of busyness I can imagine.

Despite or maybe due to all that busyness, I love this time of year. I love the symbolism inherent in spring – life, renewal, and resurrection. I take pleasure in flowers valiantly sprouting forth from the ground, trees budding, and animals emerging from their winter torpor.

daffodils in bloom

First daffodils I’ve seen in bloom this year.

I recall the rainy spring days of my childhood as I walked from the bus stop to home, singing and daydreaming. Hoping. Quite possibly thinking about boys.

After decades of springs, little has changed. Except that now I daydream about boys in fictional worlds, limiting my personal daydreams of boys to my husband.

So, I have spring fever, can I call in sick?

Do you suffer from spring fever?

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