#5Faves: Kitchen Stuff


There is little I like about our kitchen itself. So, to find the joy in the kitchen, I have to look to gadgets and other “fun” stuff. These are five of my current kitchen faves.


Banana Hanger

I often wonder if I’m raising a troop of monkeys. Poo flinging, nitpicking, and other monkey action aside, the sheer number of bananas consumed is staggering some weeks. Finally, instead of multiple bunches littering our limited counter space, they hang above it. I don’t know whether it has any effect on their ripening or shelf life, but it’s a space saver.

Banana Hanger

Also keeps small monkeys from snatching fruit from the counter.


Produce Bowl

By the end of the CSA share season, our small counter space was topped with red onions, yellow onions, sweet potatoes, golden potatoes, and more varieties of squash than I knew existed. Enter the produce bowl. So simple. I don’t know why I went so long without one.

Produce bowl

So simple, yet so helpful.


Bagel Tongs

These simple, inexpensive bamboo tongs save us from burns and electrocution as we try to extract bagels from the bowels of our toaster. That’s enough to justify their place in our kitchen.

Bagel tongs

Saving broken bagel bits since 2015.


Oven Squirrel

This squirrel may not be the only rodent in the house, but it’s the only one that is welcome. My mom gave me this wooden squirrel, which lives on the ledge atop our stove. It’s useful for pulling out an oven rack in order to reach the oven contents without having to use an oven mitt. Simple, handy little guy.

Oven squirrel



K-Cup Holder

We have only one (very particular) coffee drinker in the house. I like that pod carousel keeps a variety of cups easily accessible while maintaining a small counter footprint and not taking an inch of my precious cupboard space.

K-cup holder

The brewing station.


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Do you have any favorite “stuff” in your kitchen?

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6 thoughts on “#5Faves: Kitchen Stuff

  1. We don’t have any of those things…that I know of. My hubby is the kitchen gadget guy. I like to keep things simple. Partly because we have a little kitchen.
    Oh wait! I like my new coffee press!
    Those bagel tongs could come in handy, though. The gluten free bread my son makes is smaller than a regular loaf and the pieces sometimes get stuck.

    • My husband used to use a coffee press. Then he complained that the beans grew stale before he used them all. He’s fussy. The bagel tongs are great on toast and English muffins, too.

  2. Wow! I only have 2 of those. I own a “push me, pull you” as my mom calls it, though I never use it. The toaster tongs get a daily workout and I’ve re-glued them at least twice.

    I think that produce bowl is a good idea, since it’s aerated. I could use my extra colander for that, though. (What, doesn’t everyone have several colanders?)

    I *had* a Keurig with a handy-dandy drawer thingamabob to hold the cups. Then my older son bought me an Aeropress for Christmas and I got some Lifeboat Coffee and never looked back. So my daughter has taken the Keurig back to college with her.

    • I glued our tongs, too – good as new! I bought myself a tiny colander since we only had one large one. It’s great for rinsing a small amount of fruit.

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