#5Faves: Bookends

Five FavouritesWhile many of our books are sadly relegated to boxes at present, I dream of someday having a full wall of shelves on which to display our beloved books. When that happens, our sets of bookends will resume their rightful place holding up said books. These Roman pillars are the plainest of the bunch but they do the job. And what’s not to like about a classic? Following are my five favorites. Special thanks to my book model, The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, which arrived on time, never complained, and was, thankfully, not the least bit temperamental.
Column bookends


Scottie Dogs & Books

These worn-looking bookends belonged to my paternal grandfather, whom I never met. According to my mom, he brought them from Italy. These were a fixture on my parents’ shelves for decades, and I’m so happy to have them in my home.scottie bookends



If I remember correctly, my husband and I picked up these weight gargoyle bookends on vacation one year. They’re perfect for holding up all his haunted places and ghost books.
Gargoyle bookend


Under the Sea

I can’t recall how these deep-sea bookends came into our possession, but they’re bright, fun, and I like them!
Deep sea bookends


Painted Brick

This painted brick has a story. When the six Catholic parishes in our hometown were reduced by half in the early 1990s, my husband’s parish, St. Joseph, was one of the first to go. The German parish church, which featured a beautiful sanctuary and altar, was on the second floor of the building. When the red-brick church was demolished, some former parishioners salvaged bricks. This is one that someone painted and re-purposed as a bookend.
Brick bookend


Honest Abe

These metal Abraham Lincoln bookends were discovered in an antique shop when my husband and I were dating. They needed a thorough cleaning, but they remain a pleasant memory of those happy days.
Lincoln bookends


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Do you have any unique bookends?

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6 thoughts on “#5Faves: Bookends

  1. Those are awesome! We have that wall of bookshelves you mentioned but no bookends. Our bookshelves are piled tight with books and we have more in boxes. 🙂 Your bookends are awesome. I hope they are soon able to hold up more than the dictionary. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #5Faves this week.

  2. I like the re-purposed brick, though it is sad your husband’s church closed. So many closed around here too. They opened museums with all the beautiful statues, windows, altars, etc. Very sad.
    On the bright side, we have brass duck bookends! And that’s it. Our one bookshelf can’t use them though. Books are stacked upon books, like Bonnie Way’s bookshelf, I guess.

  3. “Bookends? You mean there are people who don’t own enough books to fill their bookshelves end to end, crammed in there, double stacked, and piled on top of each other?” 😉

    • Don’t worry – you can have books crammed end to end, double stacked, and piled and STILL cram your bookends on there. They’re more esthetic than functional. 😉

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