#5Faves: Summer

Five FavouritesWhile summer technically only began two days ago, it’s felt like summer since the kids got out of school and the temperatures have stayed consistently above 60 degrees. Here are five of my favorite things about summertime! It’s a bit tough to narrow the list to five. Even lightning bugs didn’t make the cut.


Less Laundry

With fewer (if any) pairs of blue jeans in the wash, loads are smaller and lighter. No sweat shirts, no pants, and praise God, fewer socks. Despite the fact that summer trips to the swimming pool mean more towels, I will take summer laundry over winter laundry any day.

summer laundry

Huge load of summer laundry, neat and tidy.


Dining Outside

Since my husband built us a beautiful patio with landscaping, we eat outside every chance we get. We invested in a table large enough for our family of six plus company, and finally found a large, sturdy umbrella. Not only do we enjoy dinner outside each night (unless it’s raining) but weekend breakfasts and many lunches are eaten outside as well. Our outdoor dining space is much, much nicer than taking meals in our cluttered, overcrowded dining room.

A snail's eye view of our patio dining area.

A snail’s eye view of our patio dining area.


More Daylight

I know lots of moms hate Daylight Savings Time, but I’m not one of them. I’ll take a few days of kids with altered sleep schedules in exchange for long, drawn-out summer evenings. I treasure the hours or minutes spent watching the kids play in the yard after dinner, occasionally enjoying an adult beverage while I do so.


Fresh Summer Fruits & Vegetables

The summer produce is beautiful and bountiful this year, and I enjoy preparing dinners made with the delicious contents of our CSA box.

container garden

My daughter’s first 4H project: a garden. She’s growing cucumbers and tomatoes.


Loose Schedule

We’re plenty busy in the summer, but the busyness is according to our whims, not a pre-ordained schedule. No organized sports and minimal lessons of any sort. Lots of time is spent outdoors and at the library. Life is always better when we’re spending time in nature. And, or course, with books.


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What are your favorite things about summer?

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4 thoughts on “#5Faves: Summer

  1. Oooh, yes, I agree with all of this! Though I’m not sure summer means less laundry around our house… 🙂 socks are definitely out around here. Only my hubby wears socks all the time. Thanks for sharing and linking up with #5Faves! (PS – we changed the linky image! Feel free to grab the new image.)

  2. You just got me excited that we’re in the midst of Summer. It’s so true – LESS LAUNDRY! I was just complaining about this to my husband… but did notice, that this particular week, we had less laundry to deal with. Yay, for no socks! Also – I love eating on the patio and the flex schedule. I love your whole list actually. Makes me want to wipe my tears from saying bye to my kiddo’s preschool, and truly enjoy this beautiful season. Thanks for linking up! And of course, please feel free to grab our #5Faves new logo! Always look forward to seeing everyone’s fave lists!

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