5 Faves: Christmas Cookie Contenders

5 Faves

The list of Christmas cookies I bake includes a couple of “must-bakes.” Those would be butter cookies (or cut-out cookies), the buttery shapes we frost and decorate. Our shapes include Christmas trees, Santa with his pack, bells, stars, and a few train engines. My other mandatory treat is fudge-full peanut butter bars. Aside from those, there are a half-dozen or more recipes we rotate in and out. Those include chocolate biscotti, rum balls, and various drop and bar cookies. Nothing too fancy, but always tasty!

My oldest daughter and I have sifted through recipes, looking for something new (to us) to try this year. Which recipe do you think should make the cut?



Molasses Crinkle Cookies

I enjoy molasses flavor, and this is the perfect time of year to enjoy it. Besides, if my friend Barb at Cook and Count shares it, I know it’s both delicious and reasonably simple to prepare. No exotic ingredients or special skills required.


Frosted Cranberry Cookies

Sweet and tart are a good combination, and these cookies look oh-so-pretty!


Russian Tea Cakes

These cookies adorn many a Christmas plate. My only fear is that they become too dry. Not much worse than a dry cookie that leaves you groping for something to wash it down with.


Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Maybe it’s the red in these cookies, but by color alone, I think they’d make a great Christmas cookie. And, if they’re anything like chocolate crinkle cookies, they’ll be delicious.


Lemon Ricotta Cookies with  Lemon Glaze

A little tart to go with all the sweet sounds really appealing to me.


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What Christmas cookie should I add to our repertoire?

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8 thoughts on “5 Faves: Christmas Cookie Contenders

  1. Russian tea cakes. It is a staple in my mom’s family. They are fun to make too with kids as even the littlest ones can roll them around in the powdered sugar. You are right they are not a soft and moist cookie. But I do like to have a dry cookie to eat with tea or hot chocolate.

  2. I vote for number 1, obviously! 🙂
    I usually only bake one kind of cookie at Christmas–sugar cut-out cookies. But lately my nieces have been asking me to bring THEIR favorites to our family Christmas celebration. One of those is the Molasses Crinkle recipe; the other is a chocolate cookie with dried cherries (or cranberries), chocolate chips and pecans. This year I might be adding Heath bar bits instead of chocolate chips to that cookie.

  3. We make Russian tea cakes every year too. I love them! And the molasses cookies look yummy. We make some with raisins and nuts. And another favorite is lemon cherry cookies but I think I’ll try the lemon ricotta cookies this year. So I vote for those! They look delicious!

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