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Relevant Fiction Reviews

How about a second helping of Christian romantic suspense titles? This post includes some author favorites from the first Christian Romantic Suspense edition of Relevant Fiction Reviews and some new authors as well.

Convenient Lies (Hidden Truths #1)Convenient Lies by Robin Patchen

Convenient Lies grabbed me from the first paragraph and then held my attention through the final page!

Rae and her newborn are on the run from her terrorist husband, landing back in her hometown, a place she’s reluctant to revisit. Things at home aren’t quite as she’d expected, but despite betrayal, the love between her and her best friends, including former boyfriend Brady, has not diminished.

I wondered several times how they author would make a way for Rae to finally be free from her past and create the possibility of a happy future. It all ties up fairly neatly at the end, paced just perfectly and to my satisfaction.

Great story, great writing – highly recommended for fans of romantic suspense. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

Blind Spot (Chesapeake Valor, #3)Blind Spot by Dani Pettrey

Blind Spot keeps the tension building in the Chesapeake Valor series! I love the Baltimore-area setting of this series as well as the intertwined friendships.

With so much at stake and multiple, complex murders and crimes to unravel, there’s not a whole lot of time for romance between Declan and Tanner. If you read a steady diet of straight romance, their attraction may seem rushed, but Dani Pettrey’s juggling a lot of story lines and a very large cast, which I think she handles well. (Binge readers will have an advantage in keeping all of the characters and their histories straight, while those reading each installment as it releases may strain their memories recalling details from prior novels. Or maybe it’s just MY memory that is poor!)

Finally, we get into the head of Luke Gallagher, who’s been missing throughout the series and may be black ops. Looking forward to reading more about who he has become and his reunion with his longtime love Kate in the next installment!

If you enjoy fast-paced crime solving with a dash of clean romance, Blind Spot will hit the spot!

Deadly Proof (Atlanta Justice #1)Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve read a legal thriller, and Deadly Proof was a good re-introduction to the genre. The pacing seemed just right, as the jeopardy to the characters increased in tandem with how entrenched they became in their position either for the plaintiff or defendant.

The romance between Kate and Noah was simple and sweet. I think a little more initial conflict between them would have enhanced it, but the characters were well developed and their progression from guarding their hearts to vulnerability was nicely done.

I had a good idea who the inside person and mastermind were with the pharmaceutical company, but that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the resolution. There were many shades of deception among the cast, and I liked that they weren’t all strictly good or evil. They had varying motivations with varying degrees of complicity.

While I would’ve like to have seen a little less dialogue and a little more of the internal workings of the characters’ minds, particularly early on, the things I really missed were setting details. Rooms and locations were nondescript. No peek at the furniture, decorating – nothing that would enhance the reader’s vision and develop characters. Similarly, the characters didn’t – physically – do much. It lacked the personal details that, again, help develop character and bring the scene to life. Just simple things like twirling pens, massaging a neck, biting a lip that humanize characters.

That said, I enjoyed the story. It was a quick, easy read that kept me interested from start to finish.

Christmas Captive (Men of Valor #6)Christmas Captive by Liz Johnson

Fast-paced and not too heavy despite the ongoing mortal peril the main characters are embroiled in. Amy and Jordan are well-developed, likable characters. (Hard not to like a Navy SEAL who’s principled, skilled, respectful and good-looking to boot.) The obstacles to their getting together seemed a little superficial to me at first, but once the characters’ backstories were revealed, their objections made more sense.

The Christmas setting is incidental to the storyline, so I didn’t get that “Christmas feel” from the book. It was, however, well-written and entertaining, start to finish.

Conspiracy of Silence (Tox Files #1)Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig

Conspiracy of Silence is a well-written thrill ride, taking the reader over several continents as Tox, a resurrected black ops agent, and his team seek to stop an ancient plague and a highly-secretive ancient order that kills with flaming blue arrows!

Tox is appropriately badass while hiding a tender heart for his niece, and later his former sister-in-law, Haven.

The pacing is excellent and the writing taut. There is a large cast of characters and many possibilities for where culpability lies when it comes to the plague, thefts, assassination attempts, and other entanglements. My mind got admittedly muddled toward the end, and I only wanted to know how the four censers would be recovered (presumably halting the plague) and whether Tox and Haven would get together.

Despite some confusion, I still enjoyed the book very much and plan on reading others in the series. My only minor (very minor) quibble is Tox (and his other war-hardened teammates) using words like “butt” and “heck.” I appreciate not reading profanity, but the pains used to avoid such innocuous words as “ass” and “hell” pulled me out of the story every time because it seemed so absurd. Better that it just says “he cursed” or “muttered an oath,” as was done many other times in the story. Again, so minor.

If you enjoy action/adventure/suspense with a strong and honorable hero, Conspiracy of Silence is a good pick!


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