Guest Post: Life Lessons Gleaned from Novel Writing

Life Lessons Gleaned from Novel Writing (May 25, 2017)

“What I discovered, however, after completing those fifty thousand words and several books’ worth more, is that those skills and habits translate well into other areas of life. The lessons I’ve learned can be applied to a variety of tasks, projects, and seemingly unattainable aspirations. Put simply, writing novels taught me how to accomplish big goals over long periods of time.”


Guest Posts: and Rightfully Ours

Rightfully Ours: A Theology of the Body Coming of Age Story (March 30, 2017)

“If ever there would be an opportune time for me to attempt writing 50,000 words of a novel, that was it. With a news story printed from a Pennsylvania newspaper for inspiration and not a clue as to the theme of my novel-to-be, I wrote.”

Catholic Teen Books Help Parents, Teachers Find Good Books for Catholic Teens (March 17, 2017)

“As a parent of a young teen, I’m grateful for this new resource that will help to ensure that the books my children read and enjoy are not antithetical to our faith, but help to strengthen it instead.”

Ornamental Graces Awarded Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval

Ornamental Graces coverOrnamental Graces by Carolyn Astfalk, published on October 6, 2016, has been awarded the Seal of Approval by the Catholic Writers Guild. Books are evaluated by the Guild for both their Catholicity and editorial integrity.

The purpose of the Seal of Approval is to help Catholic bookstores and venues by determining the Catholicity of a work. Members of the Catholic Writers Guild are faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Writers Guild is an organization of Catholic writers, artists, editors, and illustrators. Its purpose is “to help build a vibrant Catholic literary culture by offering educational programs that encourage Catholic spiritual growth, teach Catholic writers about their craft as well as how to sell and market their work.”

Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval

Valentines Day Audiobook Giveaway

In honor of Valentines Day, I’m giving away an audiobook copy of my edgy inspirational romance Stay With Me. If you like your romance real without being explicit, this one’s for you. Bonus if you like Catholic characters in your Christian fiction.

Read the blurb or peruse the reviews, and if you want to read more about Chris & Rebecca, enter to win by commenting below. (Contest open through midnight EST, February 15, 2017. Winner will be chosen using

Stay With Me audiobook cover

What is the best or worst Valentines gift you’ve received?

The first and best Valentine gift I received from a boyfriend was from my now-husband. He bought me an adorable guinea pig, whom I named Valentine, who was my little buddy through dating, engagement, and the early years of our marriage.


Guest Posts: Savory Soups for Cold Nights

Meatless Friday: Butternut Squash and Cider Bisque (January 6, 2017)

“Delicious and very pretty with its rich orange color, I served a bowl of this soup with some artisan bread and butter. And while there’s some chopping involved, it’s so easy to make.”

Meatless Friday: Potato Leek Soup (December 16, 2016)

“The fact that the potatoes do not need to be peeled makes makes preparation of this soup quick and easy. Chop your vegetables, throw them in the Dutch oven or soup pot and take care of something else while your soup simmers.”