Relevant Fiction Reviews: Teen Fiction

Relevant Fiction Reviews

Though I’d rather not think about how long it’s been since my teen years, I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in teen fiction – Catholic teen fiction in particular.

A.J. Cattapan’s  Angelhood could easily have fit into my October reviews, Dealing with Demons. It explores the forces of good and evil (angels and demons) that either pray for or prey upon humans. Roland West, Loner also includes an other-worldy dimension, the communion of saints. Theresa Lindens true-to-life novel is the perfect intersection of the natural and supernatural. Finally, Cynthia Toneys second novel in The Birdface Series, 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status, is planted firmly on earth, as young Wendy Robichaud navigates a multitude of big changes in her life. All three are relatable stories of hope and blossoming maturity suitable for young teens and up. Continue reading