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I’m Carolyn Astfalk, and I have an ongoing love affair with the written word. It started with clumsily-illustrated stories and spelling bees and grew to student newspapers in grade school, high school, and college. My affection for pen and ink led me to try my hand at calligraphy. During summer visits, I sat spellbound as my aunt, my mother’s only sister, analyzed my handwriting as well as written samples from my family members, friends, and teachers.

My penchant for fiction grew out of Nancy Drew speed reading competitions with my best friend and blossomed into the memorization of S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and my love for Margaret Mitchell’s classic Gone With the Wind. At one time or another, I devoured the content of sundry magazines and newspapers, blogs, and nonfiction books.

I savored the beauty of classical Latin in college and later became known as the resident “Grammar Lady” in my office.

My love of books eventually moved me from a self-proclaimed loather of libraries to one of their biggest fans.

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I continued to write as part of my work in public relations and communications. I dabbled in short fiction with a community college course in short stories and a library class on children’s writing. It wasn’t until National Novel Writing Month in 2010, while my husband travelled for work and my children slept, that I dove headlong into the craft of novel writing.

I emerged from that experience with a horrible first draft but a concrete means of pouring the stories that flickered like movies in my mind into coherent, concrete products. Since then, I’ve created four contemporary novels in various stages of revision. Stay With Me and Rightfully Ours, published by Full Quiver Publishing, and Ornamental Graces, independently published, are all currently available.

My stories include true-to-life modern characters underpinned by a Catholic worldview. I have a particular affinity for Pope St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body, and those themes infuse my creation. I write Catholic fiction with relevant stories for body & soul.

Please take a minute to browse my site, including my blog, My Scribbler’s Heart.

May God fill your heart with joy!

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