Five Favorites: Kitchen Gadgets

Five Favorites


Ice Cream Scoop

This snowman ice cream scoop was a gift from my sister-in-law and her husband. I have no idea where it was purchased, although there is a vintage one listed on eBay.  It says only “Japan” on the top of the snowman’s hat. Not only is this scoop adorable, it does the job. This thing is heavy, allowing us to scoop even the hardest ice cream with relative ease. It shows no signs of wear. I fully envision this utensil outliving us.Ice Cream Scoop


Grapefruit Knife

My husband, oldest son, and I love fresh grapefruit, and this cutter from Pampered Chef makes the job easy. With its Darth Maul-style action on both ends,  the curved side works around the perimeter of the halved fruit while the double blade separates the segments. I couldn’t find it on the company’s website, so it may no longer be available.
Grapefruit Cutter


Four-Tablespoon Liquid Measuring Cup

Where has this been all my life? I stumbled upon this little Oxo measuring cup when I was looking for another kitchen gadget. It’s perfect for oil, vinegar, cooking sherry, or any other small portion of liquid that I ordinarily slopped over a measuring spoon.
Small Liquid Measure


Tea Mug with Infuser

This mug, which I use exclusively for tea, was a Christmas gift from my husband. It is the 10 Minute Novelist version, available through Zazzle. Along with the mug, I received a variety of herbal loose teas, which lasted me through the cold, cold winter.
Mug with Tea Infuser


Lever Action Corkscrew

When my husband and I saw these types of openers on wedding registries for a hundred bucks, we laughed. Spending that much on a corkscrew is  unimaginable to us. Our cheap opener, however, often left its corkscrew caught in the cork or, worse yet, broke the cork into little pieces that then fell into our wine. When we saw this one for ten dollars, we snapped it up, and so far, so good. No stuck cork screws, no broken corks. (Why does its design remind me of a deep sea creature? I half-expect to see it featured on an Octonauts episode: “The Octonauts and the Deep Sea Cork Screw.”)
Wine Opener


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What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?

15 thoughts on “Five Favorites: Kitchen Gadgets

  1. The 4 T. liquid measure cup is one of my FAVORITES too!! I mentioned it to a group of women once and they all gave me strange looks. I use it all the time though. I adore that ice cream scoop. We have been looking for years to find a good one.

  2. Love the liquid measure! I have a set of graduated tiny little beakers for that. Also OXO, I think. I own a ridiculous amount of measuring tools.

    • Ooh – I just checked out a video on the glove. That may be just what I’m looking for. My hand heats right through my fabric glove when I’m holding the pizza stone. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

    • My OXO glove just arrived. I’m already tickled by the fact it has a magnet in it, and I can just stick it on the refrigerator. Looks kind of bulky, but if it keeps me from being burned, that’s okay.

  3. I am a lover of all things kitchen gadget! I’m convinced I need these, all of them. I love the snowman ice cream scooper, it’s just so cute.

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