Guest Posts Through May 2015

Catholic Fiction.Net

Review of I Am Margaret by Corinna Turner (August, 2014)

I Am Margaret is an engaging, fast-paced narrative that not only pulls you in for a thrilling ride, but provides enough substance for reflection on what faith is and what it means when life itself is at stake.”

Review of How Far Can You Go? by David Lodge (April, 2015)

“While frank discussion of Church teaching, struggles with chastity, Pharisaic legalism, and human sexuality are worthwhile and important, I found this treatment bleak and disheartening.”

10 Minute Novelists

Resolving to Change in the New Year – Again and Again (January, 2015)

“Time passes whether you pursue your dreams or allow inertia to rule your days. Either way, the future will have passed into the present.”

What 10 Minute Novelists Means to Me (March, 2015)

“Could I have accomplished my goals without 10 Minute Novelists? Maybe. But it would have taken me a much longer time and not been nearly as fun.”

Meatless Friday: Lentil Soup (May, 2015)

“Here is one of my favorite meatless meals that is simple to make, nutritious, delicious, and inexpensive.”

O Sanctissima: Memories of May (May, 2015)

“It’s my childlike to devotion to Mary that has sustained decades, allowing me to return like an affection-starved child to her bosom, seeking her intercession again and again. Like a true, but sometimes neglected friend, she is there when I need her, ready to pick up where we left off.”

Gratitude Attitude (May, 2015)

“How often do I thank God for the crap? The stuff that looks to me like someone unfairly holding me back, gripping me by the ankles while I thrash and kick and try to get away? The hard stuff for which St. Paul says we should be grateful.”

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