Seven Quick Takes Friday

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Quirky Christmas Tree Ornament Edition

Our tree is filled with a mishmash of unrelated ornaments from different families, different eras, and different interests. Somehow they’ve all found a home with us.



Chili Pepper Santa Claus

Chili Pepper Santa Claus ornament

A memento from a trip my husband and I took to San Antonio, Texas in 2001.


Santa Squatch

Bigfoot ornament

A gift to my husband, interested in all things Bigfoot.



Naked Santa

Naked Santa ornament

This wooden, naked Santa baby is the star of Christmas in our house.


Kennywood Nostalgia: Noah’s Ark

Noah's Ark ornament

Hand-painted Noah’s Ark ornament of the classic Kennywood ride (currently being restored). By Linda Barnicott (


Angel Pig

Angel pig ornament

Often mocked but much loved, my angel pig.



Ballerina ornament

Ballerina ornament given to me by family friends when I was a child.


The Death Star

Death Star ornament

It’s shaped like a ball, so it must be an ornament, right? Sounds and lights and all things Dark Side for the Season of Light.


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2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. Whenever I go to people’s houses during Christmastime, I love looking at their trees and what’s on them. Most of us have collected ornaments from all sorts of places and I like to ask about the stories behind them. Your tree definitely has character!

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