Alleluia! An Easter 2016 Link-Up

Bonnets, Baskets & Bunnies

Best wishes for a happy and blessed Easter!

Here are a few of my favorite Easter things:

Christ Is Risen From the Dead HymnEaster Hymn

Apparently, my favorite Easter hymn, “Christ Is Risen From the Dead,” stopped appearing in hymnals decades before I was even born. I guess that explains why it was always printed on a separate sheet of paper in the pew. To me, this hymn is synonymous with Easter. It contains just enough Latin to make it extra special. Resurrexit sicut dixit, Alleluia!

Bunny Tales coverBunny Tales

Somewhere in his travels, my husband picked up the hardcover version of this now out-of-print book, The Hutchinson Book of Bunny Tales (tales, not tails, get it?). It contains ten illustrated bunny stories, including “The Easter Bunny,” that make great read-alouds for children. My favorite is “Carrot Tops and Cottontails,” which culminates with this frightful carnage: “And when the carrots were slain, the rabbits turned upon the radishes and the beetroots, the cabbages and lettuces and the earthy turnips who had gathered round to watch. When night fell, the garden was laid waste.” Shudder.

Sarris Chocolate EggChocolate

To prove not everything I love about Easter is out of date, take a gander at this Sarris chocolate. Made in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (hometown of singers Perry Como and Bobby Vinton), this is by far our favorite chocolate. Yes, I live near Hershey, and I like its chocolate well enough, but Sarris is my favorite.

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  3. Our choir sang a beautiful song in church on Sunday called “Be Still and Know That I Am God,” and while it wasn’t an Easter song I thought it was so appropriate. Particularly the line that said, “Be still and know that I am God, who sent My only Son for you.” Thank you for reminding me that I wanted to look it up and see if I can find it on YouTube!

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