Top 10 Tuesday: My Latest 5-Star Reads

I’m linking up with The Broke and the Bookish (which describes me quite well) for my latest 5-star reads! I know first-hand the importance of reviews, so I review most – but not all – books I read. I reviewed each of the books listed below on Amazon and Goodreads. Each was read sometime between early January 2016 and now, and for those who are concerned with such things, all are “clean” reads. I’m kind of surprised as I look over this list that only two are standalone novels – Jenny B. Jones’s I’ll Be Yours and Quenby Olson’s The Half-Killed. Now, on to the list!

Love on the MendLove on the Mend by Karen Witemeyer

After reading No Other Will Do (see below), I recalled this short Karen Witemeyer story was waiting on my Kindle as well, so I sped through it in a day.

“This short, simple story was a nice diversion in the midst of reading many longer, heavier stories.”

My Goodreads review of Love on the Mend.

No Other Will Do

No Other Will Do (Ladies of Harper’s Station Book #1) by Karen Witemeyer

I read and reviewed an advance copy of No Other Will Do. I think Karen Witemeyer writes consistently well, maybe more so than any other author I follow.

“Over and above the romance, the mystery surrounding the threats to the women’s colony kept me intrigued.” (Available 5/31.)

My Goodreads review of No Other Will Do.

I'l Be Yours coverI’ll Be Yours by Jenny B. Jones

This new release is the only Young Adult book on this list, but definitely one to be enjoyed by adults as well as teens.

I’ll Be Yours is so smooth and polished that I found it nearly impossible to put down.”

My Goodreads review of I’ll Be  Yours.

After the Thaw

After the Thaw (Frozen Footprints Book 2) by Therese Heckenkamp

I enjoyed reading an advance copy of the sequel to Frozen Footprints (see below) back to back with Book 1. I enjoy a good romantic suspense novel now and again!

“Among my favorite parts were Charlene and Clay’s conversations about faith, gratitude, and suffering.” (Available 4/5.)

My Goodreads review of Frozen Footprints.

Frozen FootprintsFrozen Footprints by Therese Heckenkamp

This thriller had been on my to-be-read list for so, so long. It took a sequel to bring it to the top of my pile. Why did I wait so long?

“The ending was PERFECT and in keeping with the novel’s emphasis on faith as a sustaining constant that points to eternal joy over temporary happiness or relief from suffering.”

My Goodreads review of Frozen Footprints.

The Goodbye BrideThe Goodbye Bride (A Summer Harbor Novel Book 2) by Denise Hunter

I can zip through Denise Hunter’s romances in no time flat. I didn’t think I would buy the amnesia premise in this book, but to the author’s credit, I did.

“I relish the interplay between brothers, and the Callahan men with their fierce love, loyalty, and brotherly banter are no exception.”

My Goodreads review of The Goodbye Bride.

The Marshall Plan The Marshall Plan (Bennett Book 2) by Olivia Folmer Ard

The Bennett Series books are among the best new adult women’s fiction I’ve read.

The Marshall Plan is the kind of book I wish I’d read as a young adult, when my sense of justice was impervious to mercy and when ambition tends to override empathy.”

My Goodreads review of The Marshall Plan.

A Season to Love coverA Season to Love (Love in Lenox) by Nicole Deese

I’m a fan of Nicole Deese’s writing, plain and simple. I also included a separate mini review in this post.

“Nicole Deese shares not only a sweet and tender love story, but beautiful lessons about fear, anxiety, courage, and control that merits reading and re-reading.”

My Goodreads review of A Season to Love.

The Tomb by Stephanie LandsemThe Tomb: A Novel of Martha (Living Water Series Book 3) by Stephanie Landsem

The entire Living Water Series is worth reading and re-reading. Best biblical fiction I’ve read, hands down. Also posted a mini review in this post and an interview with the author.

“This beautifully-written, imaginative novel drew me into the biblical story of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus from the first pages.”

My Goodreads review of The Tomb.

The Half KilledThe Half-Killed by Quenby Olson

I feared I might not enjoy the subject matter of this book, but I was wrong. Quenby Olson is a skilled and talented author. Read my interview with the author.

“The book succeeds as much as in what’s beautifully said as what’s left unsaid, allowing the reader to enter the narrative in an expansive way that’s reminiscent of classic literature.”

My Goodreads review of The Half-Killed.

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  1. SO many of these are on my massive TBR pile, but I do see a couple of authors that weren’t on my radar before today. Will be checking them out now for sure 🙂

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