Seven Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes

Autumn in the Park Edition

We took advantage of spectacular autumn weather and a day off of school by spending some time in a local park and on the adjoining walking/biking trail. (Never mind that I spent a small part of the afternoon scraping waterfowl feces from the treads of four pairs of shoes with a toothpick.) Our morning, in pictures:


Autumn tree

A picture perfect day.



Leaves on water

Leaves on the water.


Ducks approach

Hungry ducks approach, anticipating food.

Ducks wait

Hungry ducks wait.

Feeding ducks prohibited

Hungry ducks cannot read.

Disappointed ducks

Hungry ducks leave, disappointed.


Snow geese

Canadian snow geese.


Turkey tails

Turkey tails.


Up the trunk

View from the base of the trunk.


Mini waterfall

An itty bitty waterfall.



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6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. What beautiful pictures! Every time I have to drive somewhere lately, I wish I had my camera on me and that I was out taking fall pictures. Fall will probably pass me by. And I won’t have a single picture!

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