Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday

Why small success? Because that’s the only kind I know! Even the big ones come in small steps. Here’s my paltry offering for the week.

  1. Baked, baked, and baked some more. I killed my hand mixer, and my oven is liable to rebel from extreme overuse. It started with chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles for the junior high youth ministry. I suspected their energy levels might be depleted after zip lining and rolling around in an OGO ball.

    I moved on to blueberry muffins and gingerbread cake for an upcoming blog post featuring more recipes from Stay With Me. Next came banana bread (see #3). And finally, I baked six-dozen heart-shaped beauties for the cookie table at my niece’s wedding next week. What? You don’t know what a cookie table is? I dare you to Google “Pittsburgh wedding cookie tables,” look at the images, and not salivate.

  2. Created pool noodle light sabers. After witnessing a make-shift light saber duel using brooms, a butterfly net, and one beat-up plastic light saber, I spent six dollars on pool noodles. Cut, add a little duct tape, and voila.
    Light Saber Play

    Light-saber wielding lessons commence.

  3. The bananas. My husband brought home about six bunches of leftover bananas from a scout event. I used enough to bake three banana breads then mashed and froze the rest. Here’s a preview of my favorite banana bread, which also turns up in Monday’s post.
  4. I put away the infant car seat. Take note: my youngest child turned two in February. He’s been in a booster-style seat for about six months. I finally cleaned up the old seat, which was taking up space in the mudroom, and packed it away. Now it sits in the garage until I (a) have another baby or (b) it reaches its expiration date and goes out with the trash. I understand laws/liability governing used seats, but it seems such a waste that no one will accept donation of a seat in nearly-new condition.
  5. The clothes. I hesitate to include this because I am so far from success in this area. Far as Pluto is from the sun. We have three dressers for six people in this house. Five of those people share a closet – one built in 1920, so you can guess its dimensions. Shuffling clothes from season to season and as kids grow is the bane of my existence. But, I did sort through one child’s clothes, so, yay me!

That’s all I’ve got. Celebrate more small successes over at

Have you had any small successes this week?

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    OK, now that THAT’S out of my system. I hear you on the clothes. Just went through the Kid’s dresser with him (he had a growth spurt.) I gave a HUGE bag of hand-me-downs to a friend with 9yo twin boys. Now I have to go buy the Kid some bigger clothes. Did you read Sherry’s piece on the subject the other day? Hilarious.

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