Blogging from A to Z Challenge: S is for Siblings in Stories

Blogging from A to Z April 2017 Challenge

For the first time, I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge! The concept is simple: Each day in April I’ll be blogging on a topic  starting with the letter of the day, beginning with A and progressing to Z by the end of the month. Posts will be short and will relate to my chosen theme: my new coming of age story, Rightfully Ours, released April 1.

S blogging
S is for Siblings in Stories

I have a thing about writing siblings in stories. I love it.

While I’m not particularly close to my brothers due to the large gap in our ages, we share a history. When you grow up in the same household, where you make shared memories, you share a bond.

I think what I love about writing about siblings is that they have a shorthand relationship. What I mean by that is that their relationships are built on so many shared experiences, so much familiarity, and a lack of pretense, that their characters can be free with one another. It doesn’t mean they get along perfectly. In fact, because they know exactly what pushes the other’s buttons, they can be prickly, cruel, or pesky.

But at the bottom of all that is usually (at least in my characters), a steadfast love and affection, despite their differences. And that, for me, is fun to write.

In Rightfully Ours, there are two sets of siblings: Paul and Sean Porter and Rachel and James Mueller. James is rather young, so his relationship with Rachel is reduced to pestering her with his pirate play, interfering with her relationship with Paul, and battling them with light sabers or water guns.

In the case of Paul and Sean, they’ve been reliant on one another in their parents’ absence. Sean has had to act as both brother and father in some cases, and despite his discomfort with that role, he does his best, straddling the line between cool older brother and paternal guide – neither of which keep him from giving his younger brother a hard time about everything from girls to his gullibility.

For writers, do you have a particular relationship that is your favorite to write?

A is for Algebra.

B is for Baking.

C is for Chastity.

D is for Doodling.

E is for Ectopic Pregnancy.

F is for Fracking.

G is for Gold.

H is for Hot Chocolate.

I is for iPodPlaylist.

J is for Jekyll and Hyde.

K is for Karst.

L is for Lentils.

M is for Medals.

N is for NaNoWriMo.

O is for Orchard.

P is for Pirates.

Q is for Quarrel.

R is for Resurrection Choir.


7 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Challenge: S is for Siblings in Stories

  1. I love reading, watching and writing about siblings too 🙂 as one among seven siblings it comes natural to me to enjoy the subject 😛 I agree with everything you said about the familiarity and cruelty.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good grief, Carolyn…where’ve I been all month!? IDK you were doing the A to Z challenge also!

    I clicked over to see what was new here AND to grab your url bc for today’s S post…which I’m kinda behind the 8 ball getting posted today…..I’ll be using today’s post for the next Open Book and wanted to link to you….. Soooooo: late to the party for A to z, and early for next month’s book linky! 🙂

    How’s the A to z going for you? I’m starting to run out of steam about now, but excited to still be plugging away. The finish line is near! I did the challenge last year too and wow, loved it. Huge feeling of accomplishment….plus pushing to write every day and get past the comfort zone on a few topics was so worth it.

    Great idea, great post on Sibs in Lit. Love it!
    xoxoxoHave a great night Carolyn

    • Glad you found it, Chris! This is the first time I’ve done it. I had a rough plan for my topics that I put together ahead of time, so, so far so good! I like the daily writing habit it’s kept me on, forcing me to just write about a set topic – and the new visitors to my site. Plus, I like checking in on about a half dozen other posts every day. I have to swing by and check out yours!

  3. My two sisters and I are quite close, even with our distance apart. Wasn’t always the case, but now it’s a wonderful relationship

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